Photo / Jogailė Tarvydaitė

Babe Universe – naujas lietuvių prekės ženklas, siekiantis suvienyti jaunas moteris visame pasaulyje kovoti už ekologiją, meilę sau, pozityvų požiūrį į kūną bei bekompromisį moteriškumo bei individualumo šlovinimą.

Džiaugiuosi, kad Jogailė ir Elizabeth pakvietė mane prisijungti prie The Babe Universe projekto. Dalinuosi mūsų interviu, kuris, tiesa, yra anglų kalba. Bet tikiu – tai ne problema.

What’s your favorite city in the world and why?

I’ve been to many different cities around the world, but still, my favorite city is Vilnius, Lithuania, where I’m currently based. It’s my home and I don’t care if the weather is not always nice. Well, I guess I was born with the rain boots (smiles). Also, I think it’s important to connect with your roots, your own country – cause trust me – you can’t run away from yourself.

What’s the toughest thing you had to deal with/overcome that shaped you into the person you are today?

When I was 4 years old my mom went to USA for 2 years (for work) – I lived with my dad and grandparents. They really loved me, I was a happy kid, but what I wanted more than anything else was my mother’s hugs. It was a hard time for me. The only thing that I had for those two years was my moms’s voice on the phone. When she came back I wouldn’t let her go, not even for a minute, cause I thought I would lose her again. Today we always have an amazing time together, she is my best friend, my soulmate. She’s my everything…

When do you feel most beautiful?

Well, that’s definitely NOT when I’m having full make up on, doing a photoshoots, taking a selfie or putting filters on my photo. I feel most beautiful when I feel it coming from within. To me, beauty begins the moment you accept yourself as you are – even when you’re not as successful as you wish you’d be, even when you’re having a tough day. Self-love goes a long way and it’s closely related to my definition of beauty.

What is your ultimate natural beauty tip?

I believe that what you eat is super important and I always try to eat foods that are good for my looks and my health. Also, my best piece of advice would be: less stress, more sleep. I know that it may sound simple, but the combination of healthy food, positive state of mind, and more sleep always works.

What would you say to someone who is struggling with self-love and self-acceptance?

Darling, no one is you, and that is your superpower.

What’s your relationship with ecology? Is there anything you started doing recently that made you more eco-friendly? (recycling, using less plastic, buying more natural products, eating less meat, etc.)

I’m increasingly passionate about sustainable fashion – I give the clothes I no longer need a second life by giving them to others or selling them. For example, if there’s a dress in my wardrobe I no longer wear, I always make sure I give it to a woman for whom that dress would bring some joy and happiness. It’s a little thing, but it’s good for the environment and you can make someone else smile.

Also, if I walk down the street and see someone dropping a litter on the pavement, I often pick it up and put it in a bin. You see, I spent part of my childhood in my grandparents’ village, where I found a closer connection to the earth, the cycles of nature, and the beauty of this planet. My grandparents taught me how to love animals and nature, how to respect the environment – and even though today I’m this ‘city girl in a fashion world’, I will never forget the values they instilled in me.

You are not afraid to talk about thrift-shopping, which is very inspiring, because it’s good both for the pocket and for the environment. What was your best thrift-shop buy so far?

Oh my god, I love thrift shopping! I often check regular second-hand stores for ‘hidden treasures’, and I think a lot of people would be amazed by the beautiful stuff you can find there. My last buy was a stylish faux fur coat of my dreams! I was so happy when I found it.

I think a lot of women still think that thrifting is something to be ashamed of, but that’s a big misconception. It can actually be very creative and fun – I always take it as a challenge to find some trendy fashion items. Besides, it’s a more eco-friendly option, which is important.